Knowing store acceptance policies assists avoid issues

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Among the most essential acts a couponed can do to ensure an effective shopping journey is to understand store policies for promo code acceptance. Sometimes, couponers understand the policies better than the workers.

Policies can alter quickly and often without notice. Examining them occasionally is a good concept.

Just recently, there have been changes at Lowes Foods and Harris Teeter. Neither was altered with any fanfare, so just consumers who check the policy often or who were outlined it understood which can cause problems at checkout.

Lowes Foods recently upgraded its policy to accept 4 like Internet promo codes a day, which is a boost from three like discount coupons.

They also updated their policy to accept rival coupons that are direct sent by mail or printed in circulars. They will now accept a rival voucher from regional grocery stores and very centers however not club, dollar or discount shops.

Harris Teeter just recently updated its policy to not allow a rain check offer to be combined with a presently running price. For example, in the previous if a buyer got a Buy One, Get One Free rain check and the next week the item went on sale for a dollar quantity, the register would apply the BOGO at the brand-new price. A box of cereal is generally priced at $4, but on sale for $2.50. If a consumer had a BOGO rain check, it would call buy one at $2.50, get the 2nd one totally free or $1.25 each. Now, the price will be reverted back to the full routine rate before the BOGO is used.

Harris Teeter had an unpublicized policy to accept rival rain checks. That is one of those policy modifications that numerous buyers put on to find till they are at the register.

Store policies, similar to coupon values and restrictions, are constantly altering. Inspecting the store policies on their sites and remaining in contact with local store employees can help couponers remain notified and within policy.